Moisturizing Lipstick
This satin finish lipstick is formulated with botanical extracts, essential plant oils and antioxidants designed to moisturize your lips. It's unique formula offers buildable coverage with a silky smooth application so it feels like you are wearing nothing at all. Availale in 33 beautiful shades.


Lip Gloss
Our natural lipgloss is infused with antioxidant rich botanical extracts and essential oils to leave your lips feeling both hydrated and protected. It glides on effortlessly to deliver shine without all the stickiness. Available in 23 beautiful shades.
LG01- Misty Mauve Lipgloss
LG03- Cinnamon Lipgloss
LG04- Pink Rose Lipgloss
LG05- Merlot Lipgloss
LG06- Golden Honey Lipgloss
LG08- Peach Shine Lipgloss
LG09- Bronze D'or Lipgloss
LG11- Pomegranate Lipgloss
LG13- Berry Shine Lipgloss
LG16- Golden Peach Lipgloss
LG17- Primrose Lipgloss
LG18- Lilac quartz Lipgloss
LG19- Velvet Lipgloss
LG20- Paprika Lipgloss
LG21- Russet Lipgloss
LG24- Coral Shine Lipgloss
LG25- Fawn Lipgloss
LG29- Papaya Lipgloss
LG30- Mocha Lipgloss
LG31- Ruby Red Lipgloss
LG32- Lilac Sapphire Lipgloss
LG35- Plum Lipgloss
LG38- Golden Coral Lipgloss


Chubby Lip Pencil
Our chubby lip pencil gives you the hydration of a lip balm with the color intensity of a lipstick. It's formula offers buildable coverage with a silky smooth application in a convenient wind up packaging. Available in 6 beautiful shades.